I’m always asked what the word ‘Meraki’ means and how did I choose it, so here goes!  The word ‘Meraki’ can be used as a verb or an a adverb.  It’s actually a Greek word, which was derived from the Turkish word ‘Merak’.  This translates as a labour of love, or to do something with pleasure. It is usually is applied to creative or artistic tasks, but really it can be applied to any task at all.  It literally means to do something with soul, creativity or love, leaving something of yourself in your work.

I found this word through searching on Pinterest.  I wanted something that would capture how I felt about making my product and this just felt right.  I love the fact that the word is derived from a Turkish word as it just fits right in with my story and flavours for my cacao bars.

I hope you like it too!