The Nourish Awards are the UK’s leading health food awards which started in 2018.  They are widely recognised in the industry, for their robust judging process and criteria for businesses of all sizes. 

Since 2019, we have entered one of our bars each year.  In 2021 we were awarded a bronze for our Coast bar and in 2022 we were awarded a bronze for our Ole bar, both in the chocolate, confectionary and desserts category.  We were delighted to have won these and you can read what the judges said about both products in our previous blogs.

The new Nourish VEGAN Awards® are a prestigious award program for the food & beverage sector.  It was launched for the first time in January 2023 as a stand alone Award Chapter of the Nourish Awards® with 12 plant based categories.

We entered our Turkish Nights (coffee, hazelnut and white mulberry) into the Nourish Vegan Awards in January within the Chocolate, desserts & confectionary category.  Accepting entries from both the UK and International, products should provide a healthy alternative with less sugar, less processing, good nutrition and ingredients. The judges are looking for wholesome and nutritious plant based food & beverage products that will appeal to a wider market.  

Judging for these awards has just been completed and we are so proud to tell you that we have been awarded a Silver award for Turkish Nights!

A full list of the winners can be found here

We’ve had some really good feedback from the judges which included:

  1. Good snap in the bite, smooth chocolate, good balance of flavours coming though as the chocolate melts. Quality ingredients used as well. Might be worth going for organic certification.
  2. Great tasting chocolate. Additions give it a great texture – overall a really strong proposition.
  3. Really delicious and good, healthy ingredients. The nut butter aspect really works.
  4. Really lovely chocolate. If using all organic ingredients, it would be worth going through the certification.
  5. Nice flavoured chocoate with good ingredients.  The nuts held their shape and were running through the chocolate.

We are absolutely thrilled with this feedback as this flavour is a favourite of ours and we know lots of you love it too!  We’re also immensely proud to be amongst such amazing winners given that we are such a small business.