olė – orange & caramel

olė – Quite simply we love Spain. The climate, the people, the landscapes, the cities and the sea. Memories of family holidays and the laid back relaxed way of life. Listening to the sound of cicadas, reading a book and watching the world go by.. So many influences and tastes and textures. Have you ever been to Santiago de Compostela? There you can enjoy the most delicious tasting hot chocolate that is so thick you need a spoon to eat it! Barcelona – so vibrant and colourful and wandering around wondering at the obscure and amazing Gaudi architecture. In Seville marvel at the Moorish architecture and influences. Watch a traditional flamenco night here. Typically hosted in a Spanish house. Everyone squeezed in together, the atmosphere is incredible. Watching such passionate dancers and musicians…. you’ll remember it forever. Of course there is so much more! How then to create our Spanish memories in a raw cacao bar? It had to be a combination with orange. Spanish oranges are like nothing else, just huge and absolutely delicious. The smell of peeling an orange whilst sat in the sun listening to the sea and feeling relaxed…. Ah the simple things in life! We chose an organic essential orange oil to capture those memories.

To reflect that flamenco? How about swirls of raw caramel dancing around in the orange cacao, with orange infused cacao nibs to add a little crunch?!

We really hope like this combination, we do and it’s a firm favourite of many of our customers.

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