Now that is the question! When we originally set out to make this product, we thought we were making raw chocolate. All the processes involved in making our product are very similar to those making raw chocolate, however what we didn’t account for was the legislation governing cocoa and chocolate products (The Cocoa and Chocolate Products (England) Regulations 2003).

To be honest we had no idea these regulations existed when we first started experimenting in our kitchen…. However, our helpful local Trading Standards, pointed out that some of the ingredients we wanted to use, were not listed in the Regulations and associated documents! Put another way if they were not listed as permitted ingredients in chocolate then it couldn’t be called chocolate! For example the sugar that we use was not on the list of permitted sweetners for use in chocolate.

Blimey, we had no idea it was so complicated. Initially we felt disappointed and a bit disheartened, but then we realised that it really was a positive outcome. We did not want to change any of our ingredients as each one have their own health benefits. Raw cacao bars, it was then. Making our product as a raw cacao bar allows us to stand out more and gives us more of a niche market, which is what we were aiming for.

To be honest it’s the taste and ethos behind each bar which is important not whether it can be known as chocolate or not. We’re more than happy with how our bars look and taste and we hope you are too.