At Meraki Cacao, we believe that every ingredient that goes into our bars should do something good for our bodies.  We were looking for an alternative to refined sugar and after lots of research we came across the most amazing sweeter, Palmyra Blossom Nectar.

We get so excited when we talk about this wonderful sweeter and there are lots of reasons for this.  Firstly the company that we use, SugaVida, produces it in a very ethical and sustainable way and we love to support these initiatives.  Find out more below:

Our Palmyra Blossom Nectar is made from the sap of the sacred South Indian Palmyra palm tree. These majestic trees tower over the landscape, take 15 years to grow and can remain productive for up to 125 years.

Each of the Palmyra palms are organically and sustainably wild-harvested.  They are never cut them down and SugaVida replant seedlings to replace the trees that die naturally.  Harvesting the nectar from the Palmyra palm is carried out by highly-skilled tappers. One is a spritely 87 years old who attributes his vitality to the delicious nectar he collects! 

During the Palmyra palm flowering season (March – September), the tappers climb 30 meters twice a day to reach the buds. The tapper makes a small incision, and the sap flows into his collection container.

After collection, moisture is evaporated in low-temperature pans to retain the raw nutrient qualities. The sap caramelises, and it is then dried it into Palmyra Blossom Nectar powder,, Each batch is tested, and their special production system ensures the vitamins and minerals remain bioavailable, so you get the the Vitamin B-related health benefits and the best tasting sugar.

Secondly, the health benefits of this sugar are just immense!  So not only are you getting great tasting cacao bars from the lovely taste of Palmyra Blossom Nectar, you’re also getting all of this:

  • Naturally rich in B vitamins – B2, B3, B6 & B12.  These all contribute to a reduction in tiredness & fatigue, by supporting the normal function of the immune system.
  • Vitamins B1, B6 & B12 contribute to normal psychological function
  • Vitamins B2 & B3 contribute to the maintenance of normal skin
  • Vitamin B6 contributes to the regulation of hormonal activity
  • Vitamins B6 & B12 contribute to the normal function of the immune system
  • Palmyra Blossom Nectar it is the only known plant-based source of bioavailable vitamin B12, so it is an excellent ingredient for vegans and those eating more-plants.
  • SugaVida Palmyra Blossom Nectar is used by leading nutritionists to help their clients curb refined sugar addiction and optimise their health.
  • Palmyra Blossom Nectar has a low glycemic index of 35, compared to refined sugar which has a glycemic index of 100.  This means it is slower to raise blood sugar levels after eating.  
  • The fructose content is only  3%

Did you know that on its own, Palmyra Blossom Nectar has delicious caramel-like flavours, for which it won two Gold Stars in the 2014 Great Taste Awards.  It is a versatile alternative to white sugar and other sweeteners, and excellent anytime you want a boost of B Vitamins. It’s excellent sprinkled onto porridge or cereal, stirred into coffee or tea, added to shakes, smoothies, and juices, and used in baking and cooking.

If you’d like to try some  you can buy individual packs from us at some of our markets or you can buy direct from their website