Earlier this year we met a lovely lady named Rachael Straughan who was setting up a new online marketplace called MayFli. Racheal has many years of business experience selling, but became disillusioned with the available online marketplaces. She felt that there were many aspects that could be improved to benefit small businesses, so she decided to create her own online marketplace and this is when MayFli was born.

Here’s what Racheal wants you to know about MayFli –

MayFli is passionate about helping UK Small Businesses grow within the new online world that is dominated by a few large Marketplaces. These corporations are dominating the small business world by making it harder and more expensive for small businesses to be seen by the local community.

Most of these companies are owned by people that have not started from the ground up and don’t understand the struggles of starting a small business. MayFli gives a safe place for amazing UK businesses to sell their products. Allowing buyers to experience a personal one to one service with small independent shops online within the UK. Creating an incredible shopping experience either online or by shopping local with our Shop Local search map facility.

We want to help small businesses within the UK to thrive, not just survive. We want to change the way UK people shop online, encouraging buyers to shop with MayFli knowing that with every purchase, they have given back to the community helping to keep the UK strong. Small Businesses are at the heart of the UK economy, with all small to medium businesses making up 99.9% of all private sector businesses in the UK.

Thank you so much for taking the time and reading about our mission at MayFli, I hope you can join us in our mission to support all of our Great Small Independent Business by making MayFli the Number marketplace for all your personalised and unique items which will benefit us all.

Enjoy looking around our lovely shops and I am sure you will be thrilled with the products and services you receive from all the shops within MayFli.

Racheal and her team have worked incredibly hard to create MayFli and we are really proud to have been asked to join as one of the founder members. They currently have over 70 amazing businesses on their marketplace and it’s growing everyday.

Check out their social media pages – (Facebook and Instagram) and website for more info.