Every ingredient we use in our bars is nutritious.  We want our delicious cacao bars to nourish our bodies as well as being a healthy treat.  We chose to put Lucuma in all of our bars for its delicious tase as well as its amazing health benefits.

Lucuma is native to South America and is the fruit of the tree Pouteria lucuma. It is most commonly used in its powdered form and has a lovely sweet taste. 

Lucuma is high in antioxidants which have anti-inflammatory properties and also contains high levels of vitamins C.  Vitamin C helps promote a healthy immune system.  It also contains complex carbohydrates which helps to keep our blood sugars low, by improving insulin sensitivity.  It also contains insoluble fibre which helps our guts stay healthy, by providing food to beneficial bacteria. 

So as well as tasting delicious, you can be sure that our bars will give you a little health boost too!