A favourite way for us to unwind is to enjoy freshly brewed mint tea. The flavours are so vibrant and delicious. We particularly enjoy tea made from spearmint leaves, which is how they drink it in Morocco. So whenever we drink it we imagine ourselves relaxing in a typical Moroccan cafe.

We haven’t had the opportunity to visit Morocco yet, so we created our Moroccan Mint bar instead! We wanted it the flavour to remind us of what Moroccan Mint tea tastes like. That is why we chose to use a pure organic Spearmint essential oil that is actually grown in Morocco! Our label is also derived from a Moroccan pottery pattern.

Spearmint gives a wonderful mellow flavour to our cacao bars, compared to the more usual fiery taste of peppermint. Spearmint also has lots health benefits too. Did you know it can help relieve symptoms associated with IBS, such as bloating. It is also high in antioxidants which help to repair damage caused from free radicals and can help with hormone imbalances in women. Spearmint also has antimicrobial and anti-bacterial properties and can help rid the body of harmful bacteria. It may also lower stress and help lower blood pressure too.

We enjoy our Moroccan mint bar as it is, but you can also enjoy it grated over desserts, in baking (see our recipes for ideas) or as a delicious hot drink made with a milk of your choice – we like using rice milk.

Please let us know if you’ve tried this flavour and whether it reminds you of your trips to Morocco if you’ve been lucky enough to go there.