The Inspiration

We were looking for a flavour to develop for Christmas and the Festive season. A few years ago, it was suggested that we base it around the flavours used in a drink called sorrel.

Sorrel is the name of a spiced drink traditionally used during celebrations in the Caribbean and parts of Africa. Sorrel, also known as Roselle (Hibiscus sabdariffa), is a type of tropical hibiscus flower. It has a deep red colour and is native to West Africa, but now grown throughout the Caribbean. Once the flower falls off, the calyx at the base of the flower swells and thickens and grows to cover the seed capsule, this cover is known as sorrel and is used in the making of the drink.

To make the drink, dried sorrel is first steeped in hot water, which produces a lovely ruby red colour. Different African and Caribbean regions then add their own cultural flavourings to give the Sorrel drink a unique identity.

The drink traditionally represents home, being with loved ones, Christmas and warmth. In Trinidad and Tobago, sorrel is traditionally flavoured with some or all of the following; orange peel, ginger, allspice berries, cloves, cinnamon sticks, vanilla and bay leaves. Sometimes rum and a squeeze of lime are also added.

Our Trinidadian Sorrel raw cacao bar includes organic hibiscus powder and a range of spices. We also infuse cacao nibs with organic lime essential oil to sprinkle on top.

The result is a wonderful-tasting bar full of fruit and warming spice flavours. The infused cacao nibs give a burst of lime that is truly delicious!

It’s only available from November to January yearly, so be quick if you want to try it!

Our ingredients

As with all our bars, we think all our ingredients are pretty special. All are organic and have nutritional benefits for your body and mind. Palmyra Blossom Nectar is used to sweeten all our bars. Its amazing benefits can be found in a separate blog.

We flavour our Trinidadian Sorrel bar with organic hibiscus powder and ginger, allspice, cloves, cinnamon, and vanilla. We also infuse cacao nibs with organic lime essential oil to sprinkle on top.

The hibiscus and spices have unique health benefits, and we will discuss them in upcoming blogs.

Our label

We love our label for Trinidadian Sorrel, it’s a beautiful print of hibiscus flowers, and the colours bring a lovely Christmas feel to the bars.

Its versatility

It’s the festive season! We love it on its own, but it also goes well with a glass of rum if you are feeling indulgent and why not? We shall include more info on this in another blog about pairing our bars with different alcoholic drinks.


As with all our bars, the flavours are inspired by travel to different parts of the world.

We’ve not been to Trinidad or Tobago before, but it looks terrific. Full of colourful buildings steeped in history, beautiful beaches and landscapes and vibrant people. We hope it brings you happiness and sunshine during your festive time. We hope we have done your sorrel drink justice and that everyone enjoys its Christmas flavours.