The Inspiration

Spain is a beautiful country located in the southwest of Europe. Its diversity makes it a favourite travel destination for many, full of history, castles, sophisticated cities, mountains, lakes, and rugged and golden coastlines.

Famed for its music, flamenco dance, climate, culture and food, Spain has something for everyone. Citrus fruits are the main export. Orange trees are frequently seen growing commercially or in gardens.

Our Olé bar is flavoured with pure organic orange essential oil. We have swirled a raw caramel on the top to represent the flamenco dancers.

Our ingredients

As with all our bars, we think all our ingredients are pretty special. All are organic and have nutritional benefits for your body and mind. Palmyra Blossom Nectar is used to sweeten all our bars. Its amazing benefits can be found in a separate blog.

We flavour our Olé bar with homemade roasted organic almond butter, which adds a lovely richness to the bars. Organic orange essential oil adds a beautiful citrus flavour and a raw sesame seed paste caramel adds a burst of sweet nuttiness to the bars.

Almonds, orange essential oil and sesame seed paste (tahini) all have excellent health properties, and we will discuss them in separate blogs.

Our label

We love our label for Olé. It’s a beautiful Spanish print of flamenco dancers on an orange background and perfectly fits our bars’ theme.

Its versatility

We love it on its own with a pot of delicious organic tea or coffee. It’s also fantastic in chocolate brownies, made into a hot drink or melted on pancakes or cookies. See our blog for some recipe ideas.


As with all our bars, the flavours are inspired by travel to different parts of the world. Our trips to Spain inspire this one. We’ve been lucky to visit parts of the Spanish Coast and the Balearic Islands. Both beautiful, historic, incredible architecture, fantastic snorkelling and swimming in the vivid blue sea. Excellent food and amazing sangria! We love it there and can’t wait to return.

We’d love to know about your holidays in Spain and your thoughts about our Olé bar.