1. The inspiration

Great Britain has a fantastic coastline, formed from many natural features such as peninsulas, bays, inlets and headlands. This variation in geography leads to diverse plant life and associated wildlife. 

Being by the sea is an integral part of our soul, and there is nothing like some sea air and listening to the waves to help clear the mind and lift your mood! We were lucky enough to grow up by the sea in Southport and have many happy memories from walking and playing on the beach and dunes. Now we live in Northumberland and enjoy frequent trips to the beautiful Northumberland Coast.

Trips to our wonderful coastline inspire our Coast flavour. Raspberries, guelder rose, dog rose, and sea buckthorn can frequently grow along the back of the dunes in many parts of the UK. Therefore, we have chosen to use raspberries, rosehip, sea buckthorn and sea salt to flavour our bar. 

2. Our ingredients

As with all our bars, we think all our ingredients are pretty special. All are organic and have nutritional benefits for your body and mind. Palmyra Blossom Nectar is used to sweeten all our bars. Its amazing benefits can be found in a separate blog.

We add homemade hazelnut butter to our Coast bar, which adds a lovely richness and more nutrients. Organic raspberry, rosehip and sea buckthorn powders are added for a lovely fruity flavour. A little sprinkle of sea salt and cacao nibs add crunch and a little saltiness, balancing the fruit perfectly. Each fruit has exceptional health properties, which we will cover in a separate blog.

Did you know that sea buckthorn is the only plant source of omega-7 oil?

3. Our label

We love our label for our Coast bar. Its abstract pattern is perfect for imagining the surf and walking alongside the waves on a sunny day. We love the colours and find them very soothing to look at too.

4. Its versatility

We love a few pieces of Coast melted on top of our porridge in the morning with a handful of raspberries – it’s delicious! It’s also lovely melted into non-dairy milk for a warming drink. We also like it chopped into raspberry muffins or chocolate cake. We will post more recipes on our blog.

5. Travel

As with all our bars, the flavours are inspired by travel to different parts of the world. Walks inspire this one along the British coastline. We feel so lucky to have such beautiful places to visit on our doorstep. We’d love to know your favourite coastal places to visit and whether our Coast bar brings back happy memories for you too.