At Meraki Cacao, it’s important that our packaging is as environmentally as possible. Our bars are wrapped in oxo-degradable bubble wrap. This is a more environmentally friendly form of cushion packaging, and is 100% recyclable.

This bubble wrap is treated with raw materials which do not contain heavy metals. When the bubble film is exposed to the combined effects of sunlight, stress, microbes and heat the end result is a product which is digested harmlessly by micro organisms and turned into the basic elements of carbon dioxide, water and biomass.

We post all your orders in EcoPad Postal Bags. These are an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional Foam Padded Bags or Bubble Bags. They are a plastic-free padded bag and use a honeycomb style lattice to add eco-friendly padded protection.   The EcoPad mailers are made from 100% uncoated paper and glue, making them fully recyclable and biodegradable.