We love all the upcoming festivities, especially sharing exceptional food and drink with our friends and family. It’s a time to celebrate being with those we love and to indulge a little! We thought we would share what drinks we like to have with our bars.

Our bars are similar to dark chocolate, and alcohol goes very well with them. Still, choosing your drink carefully to balance the flavours is important.

Red wines

Chocolate and red wine are a well-known combination. Choose a red that is low in tannins and acidity so that they don’t clash with the rich flavours of dark chocolate or cacao.

Our Coast bar goes very well with a fruity red wine. The raspberry and citrus tones from the Sea Buckthorn match the fruity flavours of wines such as Merlot, Malbec and Pinot Noir. We know many of our customers also enjoy this combination.


Chilli flavours and whiskey’s warming, complex flavours go very well together. We think our Aztec and lighter, fruitier whiskey is a perfect combination. The delicate heat and spice from our bar and the taste of honey match a good whiskey perfectly – an excellent combination sitting in front of a cosy fire in the evening.

Aztec will also go well with the flavours of Port. Enjoying a small piece of our Aztec and a sip of Port together, especially those aged in whiskey barrels, would be a good combination. Ageing port in whiskey barrels imparts spicy woody flavours into the drink, which go well with the heat and spice of Aztec.

The deep flavours of our coffee, hazelnut and white mulberry bar go well with the complex earthy flavours of single malt. Whiskey also pairs very well with coffee and, added to a cup of ground coffee, provides a beautiful drink at the end of a celebratory meal. Whiskey can be a perfect pairing with our Turkish Nights bar.


Our Trinidadian Sorrel bar is based upon the flavours of the African and Caribbean drink called sorrel. Some variations of the drink contain rum. We didn’t include a rum flavour in our bar, but we think the spices and fruitiness of our bar would go well with a glass of dark spicy rum.

If you don’t drink alcohol, our bars can be made into a delicious hot drink to enjoy at any time of the day. We recommend adding 4 to 6 pieces to a mug of your favourite hot milk, giving it a good whisk in the pan and then pouring it into a lovely mug to enjoy. Our favourite combination is our California bar whisked into unsweetened almond milk. Perfect for a cosy night to watch Christmas movies!

If you have any favourite pairings with any of our bars, we would love to see them, so make sure you tag us #merakicacao in your posts.