If you love our bars, you will know that all of our ingredients are chosen for their unique health benefits.  We add cashews to all our cacao bars as they give a lovely creamy taste and because they are so good for you.  

The cashew nut Anacardium occidentale, is native to the north eastern area of Brazil.  The tree produces large fruits which are edible and are nourishing in their own right.  The cashew nut has a delicious sweet flavour and is widely used in sweet and savoury dishes, or eaten as a snack.

Studies have shown that cashew nuts can help to regulate blood sugars in the body.  A daily intake of cashew nuts can help to prevent Type 2 diabetes as they help control blood glucose and blood lipids.

Cashew nuts are also a great source of unsaturated fats including polyunsaturated fats and monounsaturated fats.  These are needed to help absorb Vitamins D, A, K and E as well as producing essential fatty acids for brain function.

Containing a good source of Magnesium, cashew nuts help bone, muscle and organ development and function.  Magnesium maintains blood pressure, nerve function and the immune system.  

Cashews are also high in copper which helps metabolise iron and is essential for normal skeletal and nerve functions.  They are also a good source of iron needed for normal blood function and to prevent anaemia. 

Cashew nuts are also a good source of Phosphorous needed for healthy teeth and bones.  Phosphorous is necessary for protein synthesis. 

Such an unassuming looking little nut but packing a punch in the body!